How to prepare a purrfect cat bed that shelters your sleepy kitty

A Cat's Sweet Dream in the Forest

Zhuzhu in her sweet dream–Walking in the Forest

We have the term catnap for reasons. Cats sleep two-thirds of their life away. That’s why a warm and nice cat bed would be important for our furry friends to sleep tight during the 16 or more hours of each day.

The fact is that your cats can actually fall asleep wherever they please. On a sofa, in a box, on a windowsill or the top of a cupboard, behind the curtain, on your lap, each one could be a nice choice for your cats to take a nap.

That makes them become picky towards the cat bed you want them to sleep in. I believe many cat owners have encountered the frustrating fact that your cats prefer any place other than the cat bed you elaborately prepared for them.

In fact, the problem usually is not the bed you brought, but lies in the cat. Have you ever bought a cat bed according to your tastes rather than your cat’s opinion? Here are 4 steps you might need to pay attention to when preparing a cat bed, which may help you make it a warm and safe shelter for your sleepy kitty and get her love it!

A cat's Sweet Dream

Zhuzhu in her sweet dream– Enjoying the Summer Breeze

1. Find the Purrfect Shape for the Cat Bed

First, it depends on your cat‘s condition. A semi-closed cat bed would be helpful to protect the little kitten, sick cat, and mother cat in a baby nursing period.

Second, the weather and temperature matters. The cat bed should be good at preserving the cat’s body heat in the winter, especially for those kittens who are going through their very first winter. Conversely, a cane basket would be a cool place for your cat to drowse away a summer afternoon. If you live in a warm climate, turn to a pad rather than an insulated bed.

Third, you should also consider your cat’s habits. Choose a cup-style cat bed if your cat likes to curl up. For cats who like to hide themselves in dark and secure places, a cave-type bed would be great for them.

2. Select the Purrfect Material for the Cat Bed

It is important to keep the cat bed clean and free from fleas. So choose the cat bed with a washable cover. It would be better if the cat bed is made of material that dries quickly.

Interested in DIY a cat bed from your worn clothes? Check out the post How to Make a Cat Bed from an Old Sweater.

3. Find the Purrfect Location for the Cat Bed

Location is the king! It’s not only about whether your cat will like it or not but also directly related to her health. First, a quiet corner without too much traffic but are convenient to stay in touch with the cat owner could work well. Second, keep the cat bed away from the windows and doors. Otherwise, your cat might catch a cold by the draughts. Third, never choose a shady or moist place to put the cat bed. That would make your cat’s shelter become a greenhouse for parasites. A little more sunshine will always add happiness and health to your cat’s life.

4. Introduce the new cat bed to your cat

If your cat hasn’t noticed her new bed yet, call her over and encourage her to check out the sweet home you prepared for her. Remember to praise her if she takes an interest in visiting her new bed. You may also put a worn clothing of yours or your cat’s old toys in the bed. That will make it smell familiar and friendly to her.

You may change the rules according to the varied situations of your cats. Please feel free to write to me should there be any comments. And don’t forget to follow Caution! Cattitude if you find my post helpful!

Good night and sweet dream:)

14 thoughts on “How to prepare a purrfect cat bed that shelters your sleepy kitty

  1. Those are just amazing pictures. Was your cat asleep while you placed all these things around her? Or did she help you compose the scene? Hilarious!

  2. Very fun pictures, and great suggestions! I took care of a friend’s kitten for a month once while she was in France, and we had trouble getting her kitten to be comfortable in our home. I wish I had these suggestions then! maybe you have some suggestions for anyone who has volunteered to cat-sit for a friend?

    • I actually had Zhuzhu staying in some other homes for a while when I was back to my home country. It’s very important to let the kitten conform by herself. You could prepare some food and toys. Even though she has hidden in a dark corner for a few days, eventually she will come out and play with you. Don’t worry!

  3. I love this post and wouldn’t have thought about half of these considerations when picking a place for a cat to sleep. Like Ndiaz2013, I’ve always been a dog person but I really enjoyed learning about this. Zhuzhu is adorable!

  4. As a cat owner, I think this is important information to keep them happy. This is also important if you don’t want them sleeping on all of your furniture all the time! I like the pictures on here, but would have liked to see some more pictures of other cat bed ideas you discussed. Overall, a really good post!

    • Thank you! I recently verified that cats are really changing their bed all the time. Zhuzhu loves sleeping under the couch these weeks. I will try to compile a post with all the sleeping bed and surprising gestures of Zhuzhu later.

  5. You have some great pictures, and a very photogenic cat! I am a dog owner, but I find these tips are also very helpful for preparing a dog bed. I think the most important tip is placing familiar items in their beds, so they can recognize smells and not treat the bed like unfamiliar and unwanted territory. This also really helps when you don’t want cat/dog hair all over your couches!

    • Thank you! Does your dog like to sleep with his/her toys? Zhuzhu has recently found a new bed – under the couch, where I don’t need to worry about her hair.

  6. My cat, Breezy, wouldn’t adhere to any of the beds I tried with her. What she took too, however, was a cat tower. It’s actually a big scratching post and has a semi-cylinder that sits about waist high. Low and behold, this is now her bed. She hangs her head off of it or stares out the window all day. I think what she likes about it is the height– it gets her off the floor with a great view of the pesky birds she’d like to chase, so that might be another consideration when picking a bed.

    Also, you’re pictures are insane. So funny.

    • Thank you! It is really an important consideration that I should add on my post. My desk and cupboard kinda blocks Zhuzhu’s way to window sill. She only gets a narrow space to lie down. Thus she seldom sleep there.

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